2D Echo in thane

This method is used to “see” the movement of the heart. A 2D echocardiogram shows in a cone shape on the monitor whether the movement of the heart can actually be seen. This allows the doctor to see different types of heart function and evaluate them.

Our heart pumps blood and the vascular system transports it to all parts of the body. They form the cardiovascular system. And in order to do its job well, all your heart needs is regular exercise, proper diet, nutrition and stress management. However, as you age, you must have an important part of your heart health lifestyle  2D echocardiography  to check your heart health from time to time.

Accura Diagnostic Centre Department of Pathology of Thane Hospital is one of the biggest and most current research centers in the Bombay. It’s quality and precision of lab. Reports fill in as a highest quality level to clinicians and patients. The research facility is equipped with condition of workmanship completely robotized types of gear from driving hardware makers like Roche, Siemens, Abbott, Coulters, System, Becton Dickenson , which has diminished the human impedance to least there by decreasing the odds of mistake.



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